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15 Things Only People Who Suffer from Wanderlust Will Understand


Not all those who wander are lost, some are possessed by a serious case of Wanderlust.

No one in the world can expect when Cupid can strike you, the same way you don’t know when the travel bug can bite you. “Once the travel bug bites there’s no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”said Michael Palin, the great actor who suddenly took to travel.

Wanderlust is the strong desire to wander, travel and explore the world. For true wanderers,  a beach holiday or a vacation to the hills once a year is never enough. People with wanderlust crave to be on the road almost every day.

So do you suffer from Wanderlust? Are you a true wanderer soul? Read on, to identify the signs of Wanderlust:

1. You always weigh the cost of buying anything against how the money the can be used for your next holiday.

15 Signs of Wanderlust

You know you’re a wanderer when you simply don’t want to spend thousands of rupees for filling your wardrobe and instead wonder about how that money could be better utilized for the next vacation.

2. You are only living between one holiday to another. Everything in between is just a means to pay for your adventure.

15 Signs of Wander Lust

 The pay from your work simply sits in your bank and you very well know that it is all for the next escapade you are planning and whatever you do in between is simply for the sake your upcoming adventure.

3. You Constantly day dream about the places you want to visit.

 15 Signs of Wanderlust

Sitting at your office desk and lost deeply looking at your laptop, people might think that you are worried about the deadline stuff like that, whereas you would be wondering if it is still snowing in Shimla.

4. You love buying mementos from every place you have been and your place is literally littered with this crap.

15 Signs of Wanderlust, towno

 Be it the bead ornaments from Rishikesh or a name engraved shell from Goa etc., things like that would be aplenty in your home. You just can’t hide them in one place as you will take that out more often than not as you would want to reminisce the place you bought that memento from.

5. Your desktop background is dedicated to the next place you want to visit.

15 Signs of Wander Lust

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 If the background of your desktop has an Eiffel Tower and it’s not rocket science, the next place on your bucket list is definitely Paris. Not many understand this and only those with the serious case of Wanderlust can understand.

6. Your Instagram photos are of places you want to go or where you have been

15 Signs of Wanderlust

7. You share more travel quotes on your social media than selfies!

15 Signs of Wanderlust, towno

8.  You know airfare prices by heart

15 Signs of Wanderlust

9. The backpack is your favorite piece of luggage and your best friend

15 Signs of Wanderlust

10. Your passport looks like this

15 Signs of Wander lust

11. You’re addicted to travel shows on the TV and internet

15 Signs of Wanderlust

12. You’re always between trips

15 Signs of Wander Lust

You’re just back from one trip and begin planning from the next one!

13. You just love to try out the strange looking food in a new land

15 Signs of Wanderlust

14. You’re always broke, because all your salary goes towards planning the next trip.

15 Signs of Wanderlust, towno

15. You hate being called a tourist

15 signs people suffering from wanderlust will relate

 So what are your symptoms?