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4 Offbeat Towns in North India


If you’re planning a quick weekend getaway in North India, and want to avoid the crowds, this is the ultimate this list of offbeat destinations for you.

A small remote town will offer you a lot, towns and villages are the birthplace of the civilizations, the place where the whole world started even before the big cities came into existence. Today, the advent of big cities has tried to push villages into oblivion, but wait, that’s a boon for the people who are tired of the city’s hustle!

Here’s a list of places to offbeat places to visit in North India that are remote, yet are the best place for a soul to rest.

1. Kufri, Himachal Pradesh

4 Offbeat Towns in North India

Located just 12km away from the ever-bustling Shimla, the town of Kufri is still pristine. This town was discovered by the British in the year 1819, and now it is only popular among the trekkers as this village is the starting point of the trek to Manali. Kufri is a must-go offbeat destination to visit in North India if you love the peace and quiet of mountains and want to stay away from the crowds.

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Places of Attraction: Kufri Fun World and Himalayan Wildlife Zoo.

2.  Kila Raipur, Punjab

4 Offbeat Towns in North India

Located South of Ludhiana, this was a place where people from all parts of North India rush to witness the popular “Rural Olympics”. Now that the “Rural Olympics” have lost sheen, this town lies forgotten, thus making it a getaway for people in and around Ludhiana to witness the valour and physical bravery of the people.

 3. Lachung, Sikkim

4 Offbeat Towns in North India

Snow-capped Mountains, Breath-taking Waterfalls alongside the Tibetan border, this town is tucked away from the annoying tech-savvy world.  It offers a peaceful silence with Yamthung Valley and Lachung Monastery to add more beauty to this already magnificent place.

4. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

4 Offbeat Towns in North India

Kasol, a nation within a nation. This town with hippie travellers all around, is the local doppelganger of Israel, with lot of young hipsters opting for this place to trip. This town has everything and anything that a travel junkie would want in his collection, and is definitely on the top of our ultimate list of offbeat places to visit in North India. Read more about Kasol here.

Visit and enjoy the beauty of these places.

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