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Valentines Week Special – From being Travel Partners to Life Partners

Take a look at the story this couple who have been traveling together for over 5 years and have covered tons of places in India. They started their journey as travel partners and now they are life partners. Presenting you the travel love story of Archana and Vidur this Valentines week. Give it a read!

I’m here to share our love story this valentine’s week! Even though we share a common passion for travel, we are nothing like each other and maybe that’s what binds us
together. No decision is every made without having their little fights about it. While I’m a spunk in our relationship, the crazy one with wild ideas, the dreamer and the naughty one, Vidur is more logical, analytical and looks at things with a pragmatic approach.

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From being Travel Partners to Life Partners

I am a typical Assamese girl and Vidur, is not so typical Punjabi munda! Vidur hired me for his team while he was working for a startup in Bangalore. On a stressed-out work day, Vidur decided to ride to Agumbe from Bangalore. For my love of travel, I joined him for the ride. Little did I know that it was a life changing trip. 

With over 400 kilometres to cover, we rode quickly through the highways, zipping through evening rush hour and then to the stunning Ghats around Shimoga. The terrain got dense and we were riding in absolute darkness, with no other vehicle in sight. Near Agumbe we encountered thick fog, with zero visibility. Navigating through the dense jungles, we reached the campsite at 1am.

The next morning, we discovered that our bike rim was damaged and we couldn’t ride it back. With no one around and no cell phone network, we began walking through the jungles and a couple of hours later, we reached a village and looked for help. Finally, we managed to book a small truck to ferry them and our bike back to Bangalore. 

In the next few days, we confessed our love for each other and got married in 2017.  Now we run a top travel blog “Travel My Nation”. Our instagram handle is @travelmynation. Hope you enjoyed our love story. Happy Valentine’s day to you all!