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How a trip to Goa changed my life

The amazing story of a 26 year old who found himself a changed man after a trip to Goa.


If there’s one thing I have learned, it is that life is uncertain.  It catches you unprepared by your balls and kicks you and then kicks you some more.

Sometimes it lands you pleasant surprises, but then there are unexpected heartbreaks which you don’t want. But, you get both. In fact, maybe more of the latter. 🙂


This post is about how  I survived heartbreak and a trip to Goa changed my life. For good.

First up, life was certain, a decent paying job in a reputed company got placed in my campus placement and that too from an engineering college (which is big deal these days).

I fell in love while I was in college and the best part was that she fell in love with me too! We were together in Mumbai, planning our weekends, enjoying life, taking each day as it comes.

5 years later.

I had just got a big promotion. She was due for one. We spent every evening together. We were going to move in together. Life was beautiful.

And then came the call.

I still remember it was 6:05 pm, I was lazily watching Game of Thrones on Netflix on a Saturday. Later I planned to pick her up and go for a movie. My phone rang. It was her mom. She had gone shopping and the cab was involved in an accident. Let’s keep this short. I was left alone.

Sadly, I had to face work, face family and face life. Slowly I recused myself from social life and moved into a depression.

Last month, my friends staged an intervention and threatened to kick me out and told me to head to Goa, assuming a little partying would infuse enthusiasm into my sad life.

After a lot of convincing, I planned to head to Goa, one of the most happening places in the country.

I had no interest in the trip or no clue of what I wanted and wasn’t sure where I should book. But searching for an accommodation was even more painful! If I were to believe them, every hotel was near the beach and everything was on discount. What’s more, every hotel had a rating of 3.5 and above.

Sigh, I was just about to give up my search when I chanced upon Towno, a fresh new start-up that personalizes vacations and specializes in offbeat travel. Maybe they had some chicken soup for the soul!

Ravneet from Towno, heard me out and recommended a place that he said would be the ultimate Chicken Soup for the soul! The Rococco resort at the Ashwem, which is a Towno-verified 3-star resort, is located bang on the Ashwem Beach. He also told me that this is the place that would inject the much-needed solitude, energy, and vibrancy in my life.

I must admit, I was skeptical as I headed to Goa. What could a hotel offer?

As I checked into the hotel at night, I had a familiar feeling of dismay creeping into my heart. Go for walk on the beach, said my mind and I chose to follow. It was a full moon night and the waves had reached the hotel. As I sat in the outdoor part of the cafe and felt the salty waves spray on my face, a little hope simmered. Maybe life wasn’t so bad.

For the first time in days, I slept.  My sea facing room brought in a sense of tranquillity that I had been yearning for, offering magnificent and non-restrictive views of the vast and unending view of the seascape.

If you’re wondering how a little sun and sand helped me find my way? I’m coming to the best part.

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So Rococco, is one of the few pet-friendly hotels in Goa. On a lazy evening, you can find these lovely pets that also call the hotel home, cosying up in the cafe. The dogs are extremely friendly and loving, and can anyone ask for a better company than those adorable doggies?

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So I spent my days in the confinement of this place, taking long walks with Guddi and Michael, soaking in each sunrise and sunset and watching overs countless waves in action.

beachside cafe in goa, unique travel experience in goa, pet friendly hotels in Goa

A lesser known secret is also that Rococco is home to a lot of Russians, who call it their home and live here for months together. I also met Anna and Steve, who had quit their jobs to travel the world. Their enthusiasm and easy perspective towards life, made me ponder if as Indians we chase milestones too much. With endless discussions over coffee and vodka, if there’s one thing that I learned from my Russian friends, it’s how to live in the moment.

And then it was time to come back to reality, come back to my world.

I will not lie. As I bid my furry friends adieu, I knew that I may not have found a new enthusiasm towards life, but I knew that I had found the courage to face it.

It’s been a month since I’m back. I still don’t hang out with my friends. But I don’t dread going back home. On weekends, I volunteer with CUPA, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates furry creatures. At home, I have adopted a few streeties that always greet me with a wagging tail. Small joys that make life worth living again. And of course, there’s the upcoming trip with Anna and Steve to Morrocco.

I still miss her. Nothing can fill that void.

Yeah, life is difficult, but I’m not giving up anytime soon.