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Why is monsoon the right season to visit Goa

Goa during monsoon is considered as off season. But, the days are changing and people have started enjoying monsoons of Goa.


There is nobody who does not want to visit the party capital of India, Goa. So, the question is “which is the right season to visit Goa”? And Its a known truth that Goa is in every gang’s bucket list. Usually winter is considered as the good season to visit Goa. However, Monsoon is the best time to visit Goa if you are looking for something different than the usual Goa stories that you have heard or seen. Monsoon in Goa starts from June and ends in September.

Here are few reasons why is monsoon the right season to visit Goa with your gang.


1.Less Crowd

goa during monsoon, right season to visit goa

Winters are usually crowded in Goa where you don’t find a proper place in the beach to relax and enjoy the fresh waves. Monsoon in Goa is considered as off season, lot of foreigners do not visit. If you are looking to chill around with your gang and enjoy the rain in less crowded shacks in Goa during monsoon, then this is the best time to visit Goa.

2. Pleasant Weather

monsoon in goa, best time to visit goa

Monsoon in Goa is usually the combination of clouds, small rains and thunderstorms in day time and heavy rains in the night time. Indians have started visiting Goa to enjoy rain. Also, Monsoon is the best time to visit Goa as you can experience lush green nature everywhere.

3. Beachwalk

best time to visit goa, monsoon in goa

Most frequently asked question is: “Are beaches closed in Goa during monsoon?”.The answer is no. None of the beaches in Goa are ever closed. But, Shacks in Goa during monsoon might be closed as it is not the peak time of Goa. Taking a long and a calm beach walk is a must thing to do in monsoon.

4. Budget travelling

shacks of goa, best time to visit goa

As Goa during monsoon is considered off season, you get the best possible rates for your travel and accommodation. You also don’t have to worry about rooms, buses, trains and flights all being sold out early. But, beware of the fact that not many properties would be open at this season as they expect the least crowd. So, booking in advance in preferable.

5. Waterfalls

waterfalls in goa, goa during monsoon

Apart from numerous lovely beaches, Goa also has breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls like Dudhsagar, Netravali, Harvalem and many more. The water level gets abundant in monsoon and it makes just the right season to visit Goa.

So what are you waiting for? I guess these are enough reasons to visit Goa during monsoon. Pack your bags and visit Goa in Monsoon with your gang.