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10 things to do in India before you die

We all have our bucket lists, but have you added these to the must do activities in India?


India is a vast country and the landscape changes every minute when you are on the run! The Mountains in the North and North-Eastern India, the beautiful Hill-Stations in South India and the beautiful coasts in the Eastern and Western sides of the country has plenty to offer. Here’s a list of 10 things you must do before you get hitched or close your eyes for eternity.


1 1.Camping, Rishikesh

1.Camping, Rishikesh

Rishikesh, the adventure capital of India has plenty to offer other than Yoga and Temples, thanks to the geographical location of the city, nestled in the laps of the Himalayas and the river Ganga running through the city you can camp either on the banks of the river or somewhere near the mountains.

2 2. Ride on a Camel in Thar, Rajasthan

2. Ride on a Camel in Thar, Rajasthan

Thar desert is one of the hottest places in the country and the desert is also something that one must definitely explore, take a ride on the hump of a camel through the desert and feel like you are part of “The Mummy”, making it one of the must-do adventure activities in India.

3 3. Chadar Trek, J&K

3. Chadar Trek, J&K

This scenic valley nestled within the whirly passage of the snow-clad mountains, the Chadar Trek is considered as one of the tricky treks in the world. The frozen river also entices thousands of trekkers from different corners of the world. So, this is a must do adventure activity in India.

4 4. Paragliding, Himachal

4. Paragliding, Himachal

How about watching the surreal beauty of lofty mountains and lush green meadows from a height that would scare a person to death? Well (davidsoncolaw), if you are an adventure fanatic Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh is the name. The second-best place in the whole world to experience paragliding, this is a must do adventure activity in India.

5 5. White Water Rafting, Rishikesh

5. White Water Rafting, Rishikesh

Want to know how it feels to go down the river rowing against a tough rapid? An adventure sport like rafting has become a leisure sport and this is a must do adventure activity in India.

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6 6. Khardung la Race, Ladakh

6. Khardung la Race, Ladakh

The highest Ultra Marathon in the world, this race is amongst the toughest and ultimate challenging Endurance race for the serious runner who wants to push his limits to the extreme. This is a must do adventure activity in India and must be taken before your hairs turn white.

7. Jungle Safari, Madhya Pradesh

Jungle Safari in Madhya Pradesh

Bhandavagrah National Park, that runs through 32 hills. The park is also one of the places for sighting a Tiger or a Jackal. This safari will also take you through dense forest, where you can spot- the rhesus macaques, porcupines, jungle cats, hyenas among others.

7 8. Heli-Skiing, Gul Marg

8. Heli-Skiing, Gul Marg

A wild fly over white snowfields, sounds great, right? Heli-Skiing in Gul Marg offers you that. Skiing across the high Sunset Peak and other long Heli-ski descents is another way of exploring Kashmir’s mountains and a must do adventure activity in India.

8 9. Road Trip to Ladakh

9. Road Trip to Ladakh


This is on the bucket list of all the young bikers of our nation, which will test the skill of the rider to its fullest. The world needs no introduction about this one place and you must definitely take this trip because you live only once. This epic road trip is one of the must do adventure activity in India.

9 10. Zipline, Jodhpur

10. Zipline, Jodhpur

Zip-Lining, that is also called as the Flying Fox, this is not for the weak-hearted. The Zip lines are 270 metres long and let you glide over the Mehrangarh Fort with an aerial view of the Blue city on offer. Zip Lining is a must do adventure activity in India.


These are the must do adventure activities in India, that you must experience at least once in your lifetime. To discover more such offbeat experiences, visit