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Free Things to do in India

Not Everything comes with a price tag, there are a few things in our country that are absolutely free.


We Indians are always on the lookout for freebies and we never shy away from free offers as the whole world witnessed the hara-kiri aftermath the announcement of Jio’s free offer. But, spending a whole day without a single penny is near to impossible. Here are a few things that may a cost a dime or even nothing. So, here are the free things to do in India.

Here are the Free Things to do in India

1. Read rare books at the National Library

India’s largest library, The National Library in Kolkata was opened for providing free assistance to the needy students and even today the largest library of the nation hasn’t forgotten its motto. You can find many books from the past and books from the current period too, ranging from Rabrinath Tagore to Chetan Bhagat to J.K Rowling, you may find it all here. This is one of the free things that you must do in India.

2. Free Food

Now, this might amuse you at the very beginning. But it’s not any restaurant that is celebrating its jubilee and offering you free food, it’s our very own temples from North to South all the major temples like “The Golden Temple” in Amritsar, “Sri Jagannath Temple” in Puri “Tirumala Temple” in Tirupathi to name a few, these temples offer you free food 365 days and if you are there during any festivals, you must be thanking your lucky stars. Free Food no one says. So, this is one of the free things to do in India, that you must not be missing out on.

3. The Whole of Delhi

Yes! You read that right. I know many of you may disagree with me, but once you reach the top of the minarets of the Jumma Masjid you get a view of the entire city. For those who want to view the city in full 360-degree circle from one place, this is it! Taking a tour of the city is something that’d cost you bomb, reach Jumma Masjid and watching the Capital of the Country is one the free things to do in India.

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4. A Visit to the Sanitary Museum

The idea of visiting a sanitary museum might sound weird to many of you out there, but trust me this is one of a kind experience, showcasing the development in the sanitary arrangements in the last 5 thousand years. This museum in Delhi is open on all days of the year. This is one of the weirdest and free things that you must be doing in India.

5. Chocolates

Saving the best for the last, Ooty is well known in India for its beautiful and romantic weather and its chocolate factory. But, how many of you know that the chocolates are free in Ooty. Not all the chocolate factories provide you free chocolates. You will have to hunt them down and find the factories that give you coupons for complimentary chocolate. So, this is one of the free things to do in India.

For all the freeloaders out there. Thank us later and if you were wondering where you can do free things here are your answers.