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Types of Tourists in Every Gang. Which one are you?

Travelling with Friends is fun, or sometimes not! There are different types of tourists in every gang that travel along with you. Sometimes they make the vacation all the more fun and interesting, sometimes they irritate us to hell! Here’s a list of different types of tourists in every gang, which one are you?


Friends are indispensable part of one’s life – they will be there through thick and thin of your life. There’s a famous saying “Friends listen to your adventures, while best friends live them with you”. These adventures bring out the best in our lives, or sometimes the worst!

Whether you plan a trip to the sunny Goa or a trip to the serene mountains or an action-packed adventure to Andaman or a bike trip to Leh, fun is always there on the cards. So, look at your gang and identify which personalities are they?


Here’s the Towno list of different types of Tourists in every gang

1. The DSLR wala or the Photographer Friend

Types of Tourists in Every Gang

Let’s face it. Every gang has a photographer friend with his prized and costly Canon or Nikon, who carries his camera everywhere. He also doubles off as the official photographer for the gang, one who clicks great pictures of you as well as some mind-bending shots of the landscapes. This type of friend always seems lost looking for great landscapes and finding smallest of the details while clicking pictures. This one type of tourist in every gang.

Bonus tip: You might have to chase after him to get your pictures! Yaar 6 mahine ho gaye, ab to share kar le!

2. The Mr know it all

Types of Tourists in Every Gang

Then there is one guy in the gang who can be pretty annoying yet can’t be ignored. This type of person who knows everything or at least assumes that he knows everything about the place, its history, geography and even its economics! He has completely researched the place and often instructs the guides – “Bhaiya left lo na, right main bohot traffic hota hai”.  Keeping it to themselves is a highly difficult job for him and he will educate every other member of the travelling party. This type of tourist in every gang is always there.

3. The Filmy Poser

Different Types of tourist in every gang

If there’s one kind of tourist that a photographer in the gang would want the least to make it to the trip. It’ll be this guy, the Filmy Poser – This person will know where exactly a certain was taken and probably pull out an SRK kinda pose in the Chapora fort of Goa and constantly rag the photographer to take pictures, not before rehearsing it an infinite number of times. This is another type of tourist in every gang, who is hated by the photographer.

4. The Sick Self(ie)

Different Types of Tourists in Every Gang

If there’s one who annoys the life outta everyone out there is this person, who wants to click the perfect selfie and even if the picture is perfect, s/he wants to try out various other angles covering all the background and each one of them with their peace or yo-yo right is one crazy person that irritates every other person to the fullest.

5. The Homesick Anthropoid

Different Types of Tourists in every gang

Then there is this guy, who is more excited than everyone and can’t wait until the trip commences. But, once the voyage is on. This person will be already missing things back at home from his cosy bed to every other thing will be compared and discriminated and will be waiting to get back making others uncomfortable. This is the home-sick one among the different types of tourist in every gang.

6. The Social Media Junkie

Then there’s the one who only goes on vacations so that she can check-in. Traveling to Amsterdam via Mumbai, yay! Reads the facebook status. Most of the time is spent updating Instagram, Snapchat and what not! Don’t eat, I have to take a picture is the most common dialogue you hear from this social media-obsessed friend!

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Whatever said and done, this is the composition of friends that make all the trips memorable and cheerful. Let us know if there’s anything we have missed out on. Maybe, share your experience of your memorable trip with your friends.